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มีผู้ชม 881 ครั้ง
ST Engineering have 50 years of engineering experience, a presence in over 100 countries around the world and a thorough understanding of the aerospace, electronics, land systems and marine sectors. As a result, ST Engineering is trusted and valued by the customers we serve. Innovation is at the very core of what ST Eng do. That is how ST Eng have been able to push the frontiers of technology and engineering possibilities. Whether at the depths of the oceans or in the vastness of outer space, ST’s engineers are driven to create solutions that meet tomorrow’s challenges and to make an impact through innovation.

Building Ships of the Future  
ST Engineering's Marine sector has an established shipyard in Asia that designs and builds highly customised and technically sophisticated commercial and military vessels. Our engineering capability enables us to handle turnkey projects, where we undertake everything from design to detailed engineering and project management.
Our expertise has been honed over the five decades since our inception in 1968. Today, we have a broad spectrum of customers and partners that we work with in both the naval and commercial sectors.
Key to our success is our in-house design expertise, which has enabled us to develop customised designs for vastly different classes of ships equipped with smart systems. Another important differentiator is our highly automated production process, which increases precision and efficiency. This raises the quality of vessels we deliver, whether it is a frigate or a Roll-on/Roll-off Passenger (Ropax) Vessel.

Products & Services  
For naval customers, we design and build combatants, enablers and special vessels. These include patrol vessels, fast craft and frigates that join in combat, as well as enablers such as landing platform docks, shore connectors and hovercraft, and specialised vessels such as submarine support rescue vessels.
In the commercial sector, we design and build a number of vessels, including tug barges of various sizes, offshore supply vessels, RoRo vessels, seismic survey vessels and diving support vessels.